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For over twenty years, Dr. Cindy Cassell has enjoyed working with her clients translating and applying evidence-based nutritional science and principles through a personalized food plan of action, which improves health and impacts performance.

Nutrition Access LLC and Dr. Cindy offer a comprehensive approach to performance nutrition, wellness, and disease management. Dr. Cindy provides a variety of services, which include computerized diet analysis, personalized nutrition programs, menu creation, grocery shopping strategies, body composition assessment, and Basal metabolic rate testing. Group programs incorporating the development of self-care skills related to nutrition choices, physical activity, stress management, and behavior modification can be created for companies as well.

Dr. Cindy works as a partner with individuals dealing with cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, pulmonary disease, stroke, weight management, heart disease, and gastrointestinal disease. She also specializes in preventive and integrative nutrition, sports nutrition for adolescents and adult athletes, women’s health issues, vegetarian nutrition, and food intolerances, and allergies.

Whether the goal is recovering from illness, optimizing athletic performance, living with a chronic disease, improving nutrition during various stages of life, or fitting healthier foods into a hectic lifestyle, Dr. Cindy can provide the key to your health and fitness solutions.


of Americans Are Obese


more calories are eaten daily than eaten 40 years ago


of American Diabetics with Type 2 Diabetes


of deaths in American women over the age of 20 are caused by cardiovascular disease each year.

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